Will Audience Experience A New Maruthi with BBM?



How did Nani respond, when Maruthi narrated the story? This ‘Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy’ (BBM) hero was simply laughing throughout listening to him. In BBM, Nani played the role of ‘Lucky’ who suffers from short-term memory loss and does peculiar things. Whatever Lucky does in the film, will leave audience in guessing in a different way.

Speaking on the release of the film, Nani said he and Maruthi were in perfect sync. Eventually, when the film is shaping up Nani got to know that he puts his heart out in whatever he does. Maruthi came into the industry without any background and whatever he did all these days is only to gain reputation, according to Nani. All I can say is that the audience will get to see a new Maruthi with BBM.

Nani also shared several things on the release of his new movie BBM. In fact, he never had any hit, after EEGA. Even ‘Evade Subrahmanyam’ is an offbeat film. Terming his choices as unconventional, Nani said that he didn’t expect people to clap and whistle for his performance, in any of his films, for that matter. Even, Nani was so attached to the story of BBM. He says that it is his own story. Nani, who started his career as an assistant director, believes that lot of creativity is needed in styling performance, and that’s what he does in his every project. Nani, who started his career with a salary of Rs 4000 per month, is now with what he is today and no regrets for what had happened in the past.

Nani has a philosophical insider, within him. He always had a doubt as to how could our ancestors survived without mobiles, ACs, iPads and so on in those days. When he had been to Himalayas to shoot a few episodes for Yevade Subramanyam, his thought process was changed. Nani shares that those 42 days have helped him to understand his ‘insider’ deeply.