Tollywood Industry Needs To Perform ‘Prayaschitta Homams’


Is Telugu movie industry facing turmoil? Is it true that the industry has to suffer an unfavourable period till 2017 February? Soft planets Jupiter and Venus are not going to enjoy a comfortable placement, is the major reason for this, according to noted astrologers. Such kind of unique happening repeats once in 56 years, as per them. Few astrologers and Seers of various Peethams have started working on this subject, and they could able to find out the reasons for the untimely deaths of artists like Srihari, Udaykiran ,Mandolin Sreenivas, AVS, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, M S Narayana and Ahuti Prasad. “This is something typical, as both Jupiter and Venus are going to lose their cool powers at a similar time. Jupiter has been undergoing `Aticharam’ from this June onwards and his hands will be tied till December, this year,” Gaddamanugu Tejaswi Sharma, a traditional astrologer analyzed. Planet Saturn has entered into Scorpio, which is his rival’s house, in 2014 November and he will stay back there, till 2017 February. In fact, his placement in Scorpio prevents him from performing any positive deeds, which he is supposed to deliver. In contrast to that, his negative energies will be spread across to the areas, where ruler’s individual horoscopes are weak,” he analysed.


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Coming to the point of untimely demises of several movie artists, he said that Jupiter’s `Aticharam` and Venus’s `Graha Yuti` positions are the major factors for the same. “Both the planets certainly are not going to favour the established artists in several disciplines, ranges from movie directors, writers and movie artists having huge popularity. Hence they are advised to take care of their food and itinerary, and also need to perform `Nakshatra Shanti’ homams, according to him. He however said that, this unfavourable period is not confined only to Telugu industry. “It applies for the entire globe. Even Hollywood and Bollywood movie industries are going to experience huge fiscal losses, apart from losing the popular artists,” Tejaswi Sharma predicted.

When asked as to why Telugu industry alone has been suffering major financial losses, apart from losing popular artists, he said that untimely deaths depend upon the individual horoscopes. “Passing away of Srihari, AVS, Dharmavarapu, MS Narayana, Udaykiran and Mandolin Sreenivas are the indications of the unfavourable movements of planet Jupiter and Venus. The ongoing Telugu year `Manmadha’, may not be much beneficial for Telugu movie industry,” he predicted.


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Noted Yagnic S Krishna Sharma from Vizianagaram of Andhra Pradesh has suggested to Telugu movie industry giants to be more careful during Dhanishta Panchakams period. He also advised that popular Telugu stars, who have completed some three decades in the industry, need to perform Prayaschitta homams. “These two are the major important factors, which needs attention, as the Telugu movie industry is experiencing untimely losses,” Krishna Sharma felt. He has also indicated that one big movie to be produced next year with a popular hero, will experience a major loss. Bahubali registered success because of the concurrence of positive movements of planets in the individual horoscopes of Tamana, Prabhas and Rajamouli, he added.

Meanwhile, noted comedian of Telugu industry has reportedly approached a Kerala Tantrik, last month. Basing on his advice he has performed some tantric rituals in Shornur of Kerala, according to sources.