Pawan Kalyan Cancelled Sardaar movie Shooting ?


Its heard that power star Pawan kalyan has cancelled his Sardar Gabbarsing shooting and rushed to hyderabad. but why?..In the wake of increasing opposition against land acquisition, Jana Sena founder president Power Star Pawan Kalyan cancelled his shooting and returned Hyderabad today. There are chances that he may visit the villages where land acquisition is going on. He is already meeting with his close advisers and drawing a sketch to tomorrow’s visit . Meanwhile AP Ministers are planning to meet Pawan Kalyan and convince him regarding the rationale behind the land acquisition.Pawan Kalyan has been opposing forcible acquisition of land from the farmers to build the new capital of AP.He also threatened to start an agitation and fast unto death in support of the farmers.Knowing Pawan Kalyan may sit on hunger strike, AP CM Chnadra Babu planning to meet Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan tomorrow itself.Few ministers said, Babu may meet Pawan Kalyan in a day or two and Babu will explain the reasons and rationale behind the land acquisition to Power Star. After convincing Pawan Kalyan only CM Babu is planning to issue the notification for acquisition in undavelli, Penumaka and bethampudi villages.Earlier there was tussle going in between Power star and TDP ministers.lets see whether Babu will convince Pawan or Pawan will take his steps in the favor of farmers.But close circles of Pawan expressing that Pawan will stand and fight for farmers. let’s wait and see whether he will be Gabbarsingh of AP Politics or just calm down like Johny.