Nagababu fires on Powerstar Fans.


It was grand celebration at shilpakalavedika on the occasion of Chiru’s 60th bday. All the family and friends have made their presence at the occasion making it a grand success. Allu’s family, varun tej, Sai Dharam tej and many major celebrities made their presence..

The audience were eager to see their hero Pawan on the stage. But they were disappointed as like any other time. It was the time for Nagababu to address the gathering. He then heard audience shouting for Pawan to come But tired Nagababu said “dear all, please do not shout here, you have all the rights, you can ask for him to come. It makes no sense in shouting here. You directly can move to Pawan’s house and ask him to give his presence”. We are more disappointed than you guys for his absence. We seriously don’t know why he skips such occasions. We wish his presence anytime heart fully.

The audience were alarmed in the beginning and made a silence. But later they were carried on with the flow.

Nagababu neutrality makes a mark of having fans of Chiru and Pawan supporting his attitude everytime. Though this shows a quite disturbed situation of mega brothers, He still managed and talked about it flawlessly.