Nag Says Right, When RGV Says Wrong


Evidently social media have turned into those spots for celebs to uncover numerous obscure things, and known things in another style. Particularly on miniaturized scale blogging webpage twitter, couple of big names express their suppositions rather honestly. Other day director Ram Gopal Varma has shared a vintage picture where he’s seen with Akkineni Nagarjuna and Amala Mukherjee from the shooting spot of Siva film.

Nag says right rgv sya wrong

Me with Nagarjuna and Amala at the shoot of “Kiss me wrong number” tune from SHIVA . Created by Ilayaraja, this is a decent hit and an energetic number that aroused a great deal of enthusiasm in those days. In any case, the answer that is given by Nagarjuna for this tweet is truly intriguing.
Hello RGV this brings back such wonderful recollections . But I said kiss me right number”, Nagarjuna tweeted back an answer, uncovering his romantic tale in a solitary line. The world knows, how Nagarjuna and Amala have begun to look all starry eyed at amid the making of Shiva and later got hitched.
Also, his silly answer saying that he made a request to kiss him, saying that he’s a correct number, is truly sentimental. Really inside the film, in that scene, Nagarjuna looks testy and Amala sings up that tune .Well, such cleverness and intriguing answer originating from a major big name like Nagarjuna motivates even other VIP to straightforwardly impart their insights.