Mumbai, Hyd, Chennai airports on high alert after hijack threat


Security at three major international airports in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai has been stepped up after agencies were informed about a possible hijack attempt of an aircraft from these facilities. Officials said a high alert warning has been issued to the three facilities after the Mumbai police received an e-mail on Saturday night from a woman living there. According to the report, the plan to hijack three planes would be carried out by 23 people.

High alert at Mumbai Hyd and Chennai airports

The e-mail mentions that the woman overheard six boys talking about a possible aircraft hijack attempt at these facilities, they said. The Mumbai police shared the e-mail with all security and intelligence agencies. The Mumbai Police then shared the e-mail with all security and intelligence agencies. The mail was sent by a Hyderabad-based woman. She claimed she overheard six men telling each other that all 23 people have to split from here and board flights in three cities and hijack planes.

A meeting of the Airport Security Coordination Committee was subsequently convened and the input was declared specific and actionable. A number of security measures have been put in place. They have increased and strengthened the patrolling, access control. The number of security personnel deployed has been increased, OP Singh, Director General of CISF said.. The CISF has called in its sniffer dog squads and quick reaction teams for undertaking sanitation drills at the airports, they said, adding airlines have been asked to remain extra vigilant. However, there is no reason to panic and all the operations at these airports will be normal and without any hassle to passengers, a senior officer who is part of airports’ security team said.


At the Chennai airport, security has been strengthened at the domestic and international airports. However, flight traffic is unaffected by the enhanced security measures, officials said in Chennai. Other airports in the country have also been sanitized. Other airports in the country have also been sanitized and officials asked to remain vigilant, the CISF DG said. The police are probing the contents of the e-mail and trying to get in touch with the sender.