Manchu Lakshmi Opines Pope Francis Is The Coolest Of All Popes


Is it just me or do you all find @Pontifex Pope Francis the coolest, kindest and tolerant of all popes? I just love him. Share If u agree ..This is the fresh facebook posting by Manchu Lakshmi, on her page. Good. Now, Manchu Lakhsmi has turned her head towards the holy man, from glamour field. Manchu Lakshmi , daughter of actor, producer-cum-director Mohan Babu. She did modeling and also appeared in a TV show called Las Vegas before moving back to India. She started appearing in Telugu movies and did some shows for TV (chat shows, talent shows etc). Her stint in Telugu industry started pretty late for an actress (in her 30’s). She has appeared in and produced a few unconventional movies. There is a short film by Ram Gopal Varma called “A day in the life of Lakshmi Manchu’s feet”. Even on the personal front, she is not the typical Telugu actress. She is very frank, bold, and up front. Lakshmi’s personality comes off as something new, unconventional, never seen before etc.

The noted personality Manchu Lakshmi is known for her talk shows, statements on various things and of course her tweets in the twitter account. It may be recalled that one of her tweets in the year 2011, caught the attention of many and many had a debate over the same topic, in film nagar. Lakshmi wrote “Homosexuality & bisexuality r not diseases read the DSM for further details. Let’s all pledge 2 b less homophobic & more human. Ignorant#azad.grr)”. Yes, this was Lakshmi’s reaction to a statement made by the then union minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on homosexuality.

Usually, different opinions and views are shared in twitter and the reaction Lakshmi gave on Ghulam Nabi Azad made people get different reactions on her. Few of the questions being raised are “Is she trying to imitate RGV by touching sensitive issues? Is she showing inclination towards alternative sexuality? Out of all the issues why did she choose only this? What are Lakshmi’s experiences on this subject? Etc..” Only Lakshmi can answer these..However, Manchu Lakhmi has the habit of raising the issues and observes the further happenings as a silent spectator, which everybody knows. Even, in her latest posting on her FB page also has a similar kind of indication…She just wants to experience the outcome of the reactions to her post on Pope Francis. By this posting, she wants to know the pulse of the people, those who are interested in reading Pope! This posting, in any way may not be useful to Manchu Lakhsmi, but, for sure, she certainly would divert the attention of the people from ongoing happenings like Ganesh Immersion and PSLV-30 launching!