It’s time for Nithin Courier


There were long spells of bad days and short spell of good days for mighty hero Nithin. Almost nearing a Record breaking for consecutive failures as hero, Nithin drove back strongly with the super hit film ‘Ishq’ and later on ‘Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde, Heart Attack’ continued to show his Box Office attack. The failure of ‘Chinnadana Nee Kosam’ and Akhil film kept Nithin on back foot from continuing his excellence as hero. Recently, we also heard about Puri Jagannath ‘Loafer’ transferring from Nithin to Varun Tej. And there is still one more Nithin’s film fighting to see theatres and it is the long awaited ‘Courier Boy Kalyan’ from producer Gautham Menon, directed by Prem Sai, Starring Yami Gautham as heroine.This project was launched long ago in 2012 and has completed all the post production works too. However, the film unreleased due to financial troubles. But its heard that this movie is all set to release soon by Multi Dimension Films.

Multi Dimension Films, a key player in film distribution and exhibition business in telugu states is on the anvil to re-boost ‘Courier Boy Kalyan.’ They have done the same thing earlier for Nani’s long awaited ‘Jenda Pai Kapiraju.’ If releasing the film is only solution to recover at least a share of their  investment, then ‘Courier Boy Kalyan’ will look at the possible space in tough Box Office competition.