It’s time for The state festival of Telangana..Bonaalu.


The state festival of Telangana , Bonaalu is all set to celebrate in the twin cities..Where ever you see in the Hyderabad and secunderabad, you can notice colorfull decorations in across the temples, streets with MATHA flags and mango and neem leaves..entire city has turned into red and yellow in color for the auspicious of bonnalu festival. It is being celebrated on a large scale in Hyderabad city at all Mahankali temples all across the region. It is expected that over 10 lakhs of devotees would participate in this festival and perform their rituals. So far Golconda and Lashkar Bonaalu celebrations have been completed and now the focus is being made on Lal Darwaza Bonaalu festival at Old City in Hyderabad. Arrangements are in place for this festival and the most awaited foretell Rangam celebrations will be held on 10th August.

It is a festival of goddess Mahankali who wards off evil forces with her mighty power, people believe. To gain her blessings people perform pujas to appease her in various forms.Bonaalu is celebrated in Ashadha Masam as per Hindu calendar and falls in the month of July/August every year.