Hyderabad best Indian city in living standards


For the third time in row, Hyderabad has emerged as the best Indian city to live, based on quality of living, in India. Due to low crime rates, better educational facilities and low pollution, Hyderabad has once again beaten all Indian cities in the recent Mercer Quality Of Living Survey 2017. Delhi and Mumbai occupied second and third positions in the country. As per the Mercer’s Quality of Living ranking 2017 survey report, Hyderabad occupied 144th rank at global level followed by Mumbai (154) and Delhi (161). 

Hyderabad best city to live in India

Comparably, Pune and Chennai, both have improved their ranking. While Pune is ranked #145, Chennai is placed at #151. Mumbai, India’s economic capital has been ranked at #154, while Bengaluru is ranked at a respectable #146. Kolkata is just a place above Delhi at #160. 

Ranking of Indian Cities

  1. Hyderabad (globally: #141)
  2. Pune (globally: #145)
  3. Bengaluru (globally: #146)
  4. Chennai (globally: #151)
  5. Mumbai (globally: #154)
  6. Kolkata (globally: #160)
  7. New Delhi (globally: #161)

Vienna in Austria is globally the best city to live in due to various factors, which includes pollution free environment, low crime rates, better educational and health facilities. 

Top 5 cities in terms of quality of living, globally are:

  1. Vienna (Austria)
  2. Zurich (Switzerland)
  3. Auckland (New Zealand)
  4. Munich (Germany)
  5. Vancouver (Canada)

Mercer’s survey is one of the comprehensive and annual feature to enable multinational companies and other employers to compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments. The parameters taken into account for the survey include political and social environment, medical care and health considerations, public services, recreation facilities and natural environment among-st others.