How Rajanikanth will react ?


How Rajanikanth will react?…Now, this is the hot question doing rounds in film circles of T Nagar, Chennai. One Hindu group, by name Hindu Munnani sent a warning signal to superstar Rajanikanth, urging him not to play the role of Tipu Sultan, once the ruler of Mysore, who was reportedly `Anti-Tamil’. Hindu Munnani, holding Hindutva banner high has chosen to be offended on behalf of the Tamilians. The Hindu Munnani leader Rama Gopalan has urged Rajanikanth to not play the character of Tipu Sultan in a biopic, that the actor is likely to be offered by a Bengaluru based entrepreneur, according to reports. The ruler of Mysore was ‘anti-Tamil’ and hence no Tamil actors including Rajinikanth should star in the film, Gopalan urged.

Rajinikanth as tippu sulthan


If Rajinikanth being a Tamil actor is a problem in him portraying a historical figure who was anti-Tamil, then by that logic people in the profession of art should only depict those characters who had nothing to do with them faith-wise. If it is the case, none of the three khans-Amir Khan, Sharukh Khan, and Salman Khan should n’t play roles, representing the faiths of other religions.

Hindu Munnani sent a warning signal to superstar

Now, the million dollor question is who will bell the cat, when such issues of faith drags the attention of masses? Tomorrow, Kamal Hasan may play a role, in another movie, which may hurt the sentiments of a particular group, and after some time, another superstar Anitab Bachhan may play a different role hurting the sentiments of Panjabees? If we allow such type of faiths to sit on the artistic farms, then we can’t imagine the plight of Indian movie. Is it not right? The readers have to judge!