Highlights of Pawan Kalyan’s Press Meet


Taking the inspiration from neighbour state Tamil Nadu’s Jallikattu protest, Andhra Pradesh youth called for a silent protest at the RK Beach on Republic day (26th January ), demanding special category status (SCS) for the state. The protest has been called by unknown youth through Facebook & other social media. Now, social media is trending with hashtag #APDemandsSpecialStatus and #APSelfRespectMoment. This protest gained momentum after Superstar and Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan extent his support through series of tweets on his official twitter account. He even released Musical protest Album ‘Desh Bachao’.

Pawan kalyan press meet highlights

Pawan Kalyan breathed fire on State and Central Government during Today’s press meet for stopping the Silent Protest seeking Special Category Status.

  1.  I didn’t take part in Yesterday’s silent protest as it’s apolitical and the call was given by Youth.
  2. Supported Narendra Modi and Chandrababu Naidu in 2014 believing their experience would come in handy for a Capital-less state. When I supported TDP-BJP Combine, No one asked Me whether I knew politics and have any experience. BJP Leaders had even used him to campaign at Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. My Fans had worked for them holding their party flags in their hands. Now, These Leaders ask Me whether I knew politics. Aren’t these opportunistic politics? I have a family…wife and children. I differed with my brother and family for the sake of people. I won’t hesitate to settle scores with anyone when it comes to anti-people policies.
  3. A small incident in North becomes a National News. Whereas, Centre and National Media continue to ignore even big issues down South. Only after the deaths of hundreds of students, Telangana movement garnered Nation’s attention. People in Southern States aren’t inferior to North Indians in any way. We deserve the same kind of importance and respect.
  4. By stopping the Silent Protest, AP Government has only invited the wrath of people – Goti Tho Poyedaniki Goddali Daka Thechukundhi!
  5. Pawan warned – ‘Istamochinatlu Rojuko Mata Chebuthunte Chethulu Kattukoni Kurcholem, Mem Tiragabadithe Thattukoleru..’.
  6. After using Special Status in 2014 Polls, Chandrababu now says Status isn’t sanjeevani and closed chapter.
  7. There is no TDP rule in AP. It’s appear more like a Mini-BJP.
  8. Saying Singapore is his inspiration, Chandrababu Naidu is keeping corrupt like Sujana Chowdary and Rayapati in his coterie. Just alike Singapore President punished his friends & supporters for corrupt practices, Naidu should take action against corrupt lawmakers. Order probe on the cheatings of Sujana & Rayapati.
  9. Had if Venkaiah Naidu shown the same kind of attention he have on his Daughter’s Swarnabharathi Trust, Special Status would be a reality by now.
  10. Pawan fired on Venkaiah for saying ‘Pratheyaka Hodha Nu Prasadistham!’ in the press meet. He shot back, ‘Is Venkaiah a god to do so? Are we slaves? You can’t bear if we revolt?

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