Gujarat Temples Offers Pen At Rs 1,900


Even though religious texts such as the Bhagavad Gita teaches us not to worry or think about results and just concentrate on our ‘Karma’ (doings), it seems little heed is paid by a temple in Gujarat.If you are a student who is grappling with board exams, your life is sorted provided you are living in Gujarat. A temple in Gujarat is offering a pen for the students appearing in board exams with a promise and 100 percent guarantee that if the student uses this pen, he or she is certain to get success in exams.

Gujarat temple offers pen set to pass in exams

To pull away students from all sort of anxiety that revolves during the examination, Kashthabhanjan Temple located in Gujarat’s Panchmahal district has come up with a ‘magical pen’! A hand bill written in Gujarati issued by the Kashthabhanjan temple in Gujarat’s Panchmahal district is going viral on social media. Some Dushyant Bapuji who calls himself Lord Hanuman’s Sevak has said in the handbill that this pen was made using the divinity acquired by performing Hanuman Saraswati Yagna.

The advertisement also plays with the minds of the student’s parents as its asks the questions pertinent to all parents. Do you want your child to pass his exams? Are you worried that your child may lose a year due to poor results? Do you wish your child passes his Class 8,9, SSC, HSC or College exams?, asks the handbill. But since this is no ordinary pen,  one has to shed a good amount of money if you seek to buy the solution to you or your child’s board woes. The pen comes at a price of Rs 1900. The makers of the pen also give the guarantee that if the student fails, their money will be refunded. A note in the handbill also mentions a mobile number, exam receipt, a photocopy of hall ticket and copy of school/college ID as prerequisites to buy the pen set.

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