Fish Prasadam To Kick Start From June 8 In Nampally Hyd


Telangana government has asked the fisheries department to make available one lakh fish as the famous `fish prasadam’ of Battini family, believed to cure asthma, would be dispensed here on June 8. Telangana Animal Husbandry Minister T Srinivas Yadav held a meeting with government officials today on arrangements for the annual event. This medicine will be distributed to many in the Nampally Exhibition Grounds of Hyderabad. Bathini Mrigasira Karthi Fish Prasadam trust is ready with 3.5 kilo grams of fish which will be distributed for more than 4 lakh people waiting for the medicine or the prasadam.

Many people who take the fish medicine believe that this medicine is going to cure the asthma and breathing problems. So this medicine is of heavy demand and to take this medicine, there will be people coming from distant places and will be taking the medicine without any delay. The Bathini family has been administering the medicine called prasadam at Exhibition Grounds since 1989. Here are some of the instructions given to people who are coming from distant places and their parking places at Nampally. 

Fish prasadam to be dispensed in Hyderabad on June 8

The city commissioner notified that, People coming in 4-wheelers from the Public Gardens side for fish Prasadam will park their vehicles at the Government Junior College for Girls, Nampally, and proceed on foot through the Ajanta Gate. If the parking space at the Government Junior College for Girls, Nampally, is full then the vehicles will be parked at the Public Gardens. The People coming for fish Prasadam in buses/vans will alight at the Bamboo Adda, Malakunta Road and walk up to the Exhibition Grounds.

Empty vehicles will proceed straight to the Goshamahal Grounds for parking. All VIPs with car passes will proceed from the Taj Island and from Gandhi Bhavan towards the Central Warehousing Corporation. VIP pass holders travelling by 2-wheelers will also travel on the same road. People coming on two wheelers for fish Prasadam will park their vehicles in the open space at Indira Bhavan at Chandra Vihar premises, at Gruhakalpa premises and lane beside Midas High School.

Minister for Animal Husbandry, Talasani Srinivas Yadav inaugurated the event of distribution of Fish Medicine. Bathini family starts the function at the auspicious occasion of Mrigasira Karthi day.