Favorite Food Of Khans Helps In Good Health.


How to increase your IQ? Here, the Indian movie stars have answers. By maintaining high protein and rich calaried food, one can increase and top up their brain energy levels. Very few movie personalities have started their menu perfection and now are experiencing the results. Among them now Sonakshi Sinha, Iliana stood as toppers.

Both of them have been advocating the intake of fish. Often called the ultimate brain food, fish, especially the oily varieties, contain omega – 3 fatty acids which are vital for brain development. Salmon, mackerel and tuna are rich in these omega-3 fatty acids, including the vital docosa hexaenoic acids (DHA). Apart from being a high source of protein, fish also has essential amino acids, which are needed to construct neuro transmitters in the brain, enabling it to communicate with the rest of your body. Since the body does not build these essential amino acids on its own, you need to supply it through the food you eat, according to sonakshi sinha. Even Iliana also has similar opinion for that. She suggests to have at least 50 grams of fish in your daily routine, which makes your brain healthy.

For memory improvement, actors like Jockey Shroff, Telugu heroes Prabhas, Gopichand, and multi-lingual actress Trisha are suggesting to take eggs. If you have been complaining about your memory not being what it used to be, it’s time you started taking another power food – the unassuming egg. Whether boiled, fried, poached or made in a curry, this versatile food is delicious, but most importantly – it contains choline, Vitamin B nutrient which is essential for memory improvement.

Vidyabalan and Katrina Kaif have been advocating for the usage of nuts, such as peanuts, walnuts, hazel nuts and almonds are great and healthy options to snack up on whenever you feel hungry. A great source of Vitamin E and high in folate, a mineral that’s essential for brain development, A good intake of Vitamin E helps in reducing the decline of cognitive memory, which may come during old age. Vidyabalan is so particular about peanuts, during her outstation schedules.

favorite food of celebraties


Actressses like Anushkha and Shriya Sharan, are however have a different style of upgrading their health systems. They have been advocating the usage of flowery vegetables, which are great for pure vegetarians and those who swear by their meats as well. A good source of Vitamin K,  which helps improve cognitive function. Broccoli also contains sulforaphane, a chemical which helps to keep the brain sharp and fight against deterioration, which leads to illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

Superstar Rajanikanth and even his contemporary Kamal Hasan take this super fruit-Blue berries,  as these delicious berries are packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals which, apart from helping to protect against cancer and heart diseases, also help in memory improvement, aid thinking ability and also helps to prevent problems such as short term memory loss. A study carried out at the Reading University has also shown that people who take a bowl of blue berries in the morning for breakfast, are more active and have better concentration powers in the afternoon.

Pumpkinand sunflower seed is the most sought after food of three khans – Amir Khan, Sharukh khan and Salman Khan, as these seeds are good snack to munch on when you are hungry. The pumpkin and sunflower seeds are a good source of Vitamin E and help give your brain a boost. Pumpkin seeds also have a high amount of magnesium and omega 3, which help to calm the brain.

favorite food of celebraties


Amala, Suhasini and Radhika, the erstwhile heroins used to take tomatoes, which contain a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, which helps to protect against free radical damage to cells, which are linked to dementia, mainly Alzheimer’s. While cooking reduces the nutrients in many other food items, in tomatoes it actually increases lycopene, as it is released from the vegetable fiber.

Chalo guys, you also can follow your favorite artists, to keep your brain and body healthy.