Facebook ka hangama shuroooo…..


If you spend a lot of time online and want to earn money from your own home, then this may be the most exciting news article you’ll read. Facebook has just released a “Work From Home” Program that will allow India residents to earn money from the comfort of their own homes. Thousands of Indians will soon have the opportunity to make Lakh’s of rupees every month , from the comforts of their own home, getting paid by cheque, direct deposit (via NEFT/RTGS) and even Paypal, according to Facebook.

Facebook is a $220 billion dollar company (13 lakh crore rupees) that’s thriving and reporting consistent profits every quarter, even during the global recession. They are expanding rapidly and offering online jobs to qualified people. This allows them to find and hire talent that would otherwise be unreachable and pay them based on results on a long term basis.

Why India? Because Bill Gates met with facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and they together decided to invest in India and hire more .Facebook is rapidly expanding their India presence and opening up thousands of new positions for residents interested in working from their computers from home.

Mumbai resident Pradeep Bali, 37 year old father, who lost his job earlier in Sep 2014 got a great deal with Facebook. He was lucky enough to be invited to beta test of this program in November. Pradeep said that at first he thought this was a joke. “Making money from the internet is only a dream. But I decided to try it anyways, since it was free to sign up. I received my welcome package and couldn’t believe how simple the jobs were! All I had to do was browse the web and post links on other online sites,” he elaborated.

Facebook ka hangama shuroooo

Here is the model from Facebook. They ask people to post links, share stories, review sites and some other simple tasks. The good news is, as of 22/9/2015 Facebook has officially released their new work from home kit out to all Indian residents. There will be about 150 spots available that are expected to be filled quickly in the next few days.

What you need: Only a computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access. You don’t need any special skills other than knowing how to use a computer and browsing the internet. Another perk of this program is you get to choose your own hours. You can work completely on your own schedule- whether that’s 5 hours a week or 50 hours a week. Absolutely no selling or telemarketing involved!

First, you will need to apply for their work from home packages. Why India? Because Bill Gates met with facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and they together decided to invest in India and hire more Indians and thus help India grow faster. They have released a limited amount of kits, all distributed through local websites in your area, you only need to pay a small enrollment fee.

This small fee covers the shipping and processing costs and also separates the people who are serious about working with Facebook through this program.

Once you have ordered your kit, you will receive a package that will contain all the instructions you need to start working from home. You can even access this info kit online and start working within 24 hours. You will be doing all kinds of work for various companies and there’s absolutely no telemarketing or selling.