Dad’s Heartwarming Apology to His Daughter is Winning Social Media


Traditional gender roles are passed down through generations — but a new commercial is proving that this cycle can be broken if men step up. Since being posted on February 19, this ad has received over 2.6 million views on Facebook.
The video shows a man visiting his daughter at her house. He notices a young Indian woman coming home from work to her husband on the couch and her father and her young son playing. The woman is on a work call while she gets dinner ready and cleans up the house. The father of the young mom sits and watches as his daughter runs her house, alone.

heart warming apology to his Daughter

“Sorry ki yeh sab tumhe akele karna padta hai. Sorry ki jab tum ghar ghar khelti thi toh maine tumhe roka nahi. Yeh nahi kaha ki yeh sirf tumhara kaam nahi, tumhare husband ka bhi hai.Aur kehta bhi kaise? Maine bhi toh kabhi tumhari mummy ki help nahi ki. Aur tumne jo dekha seekha,” he tells her.
He apologizes to her not only as her dad, but also on behalf of her husband who probably grew up watching something similar in his household. “Har uss dad ki taraf se sorry jisne kai kai saalon se galat example set kiya hai,” he says.