Bigg Boss To Catch ‘ Mia Khalifa ’


For Bigg Boss team, everything seems to be a new platform. The team wants the audience to specualte everytime about their move. Earlier in Sunny Loene episode also, they did like this, now, the most interesting thing is that the adult porn star Mia Khalifa has been approached for the much awaited show Bigg Boss 9.This is not for the first time that Bigg Boss had brought the porn star before this they also brought a hot porn star called Sunny Leone at that time sunny ruled that Show. This time also the Bigg Boss are looking for adult star and they make their mind to bring the 22 year old porn star named Mia Khalifa. The Bigg Boss team are trying to bring Mia khalifa to the Bigg house if the sources have to be believe then the Mia khalifa will enter into the house by the mid-season of the Bigg Boss show.

While it is interesting to see the adult star joining the Bigg Boss house because the 5th season became the most controversial show ever by entry of Sunny Leone. Basically Mia Khalifa is 22 year old adult porn star. She is the most searched porn star on the web site. This hottie got all looks. She is 22 year old adult actress. In last year December she ranked top in the porn industry. She is most searched hottie on the porn website. Within small time she succeeded in her life and reached to the top in her particular field. She is very famous adult actress on the Instagram and the tweeter.