Benefits of Onion For Hair Health & Hair Growth


Most of us know onion is used for excellent taste in the food. Generally onion is kept away when it comes to beauty care. One of the main reason for this is onion has a very pungent smell and it takes a strong will to bear the smell. However, if you can bear the smell for about an hour, onion not only helps in hair growth, but it gives excellent shine to the hair. Really it is worth the pain of bearing the smell of onion. Especially red onions help in excellent hair growth.


How to use Onion for hair:

  • Take two to four red onions and grate them finely.
  • Squeeze grated onion and extract the juice
  • Massage the scalp when the juice is fresh
  • Leave the hair for at least 15 Min.or till the onion juice is evaporated
  • Wash the water with mild shampoo or water.
  • Do not use conditioner. Onion can help you condition your hair.

You can also use the water boiled with onion for similar use. This will save you the trouble of grating and squeezing the onion.

  • Take 4-5 onions and cut into large pieces. (may 4 parts)
  • Boil about a liter of water and add the onion pieces to the boiling water
  • Keep in slow flame and let the water reduce to about 500 to 600 ml.
  • Let the water cool in itself before straining the water
  • Apply the water left over on the scalp and leave it for about one hour. Best results can be achieved if this is left overnight. However, the pungent smell will be all over your home.

Use only mild shampoo for cleansing the hair after this. Repeat this once in a week and see the results.