Akhil – The supernatural drama, to be on screen on Dasara!


Akhil Akkineni has posted the details of his debut film-Akhil in a pic, on his FB page. ‘Akhil:The Power of Jua’ is his debut movie directed by V.V.Vinayak and Starring another debutant heroine Sayesha Saigal in lead role. The movie garnered a lot of buzz when the first poster was released and the trailer for the film is released.

The story for the film is given by Veligonda Srinivas who previously penned the story for Nagarjuna’s ‘Damarukam’. Akhil movie is touted to be fantasy drama with Super naturalism involved and from the looks of the trailer it involves a lot of VFX. In a previous interview, Akhil Akkineni said that he wants to debut into film industry and will settle for nothing less than that and V.V.Vinayak approached Akhil for this movie after that. Hero Nitin is producing this movie. Sayesha Saigal was roped into ‘Akhil’ movie as heroine as the film-makers wanted a new heroine.

“Prapancham to yeh Sambandham leni Veelle intha chesthunte,Manam entha Cheyyali?”- this is the powerful dialogue in the movie. Infact, the Akhil Movie trailer opens with VFX shots of a fantasy tribal land and cuts into round object which was seen previously in the first poster of the movie. As the viewers get into the interesting sights of the movie, in a few seconds the movie cuts into the normal commercial side and then on, it’s just slow motion action sequences and songs sequences. The trailer has only one purpose of showcasing Akhil Akkineni in a fabulous way and it suceeded in it. As Akhil Akkineni wanted a commercial flick for his debut,it looks like Veligonda Srinivas penned a commercial story into a supernatural fantasy genre and the trailer looks good .The movie revolves around the destined one(Akhil Akkineni) to save the people or Tribals that look up to SUN as their God or Power. This was showcased by the tattoo of Sun on Akhil Akkineni’s hand in the trailer.