Ajith Kumar Vivekam Movie Review and Rating


Thala Ajith is back with body transformation and experimental film ‘Vivegam’ which hits worldwide on Thursday, August 24th, 2017. But in telugu it is releasing as Vivekam.The film has a big star cast in the lead roles, we see other Bollywood stars who are going to be cast in a negative role. One of them is Vivek Oberoi whom we saw in the south in the film ‘Rakta Charitra’. He will be again seen in a vital role in this film as well. Vivekam is a spy thriller film which is one of most awaited film Kollywood in 2017. 

Vivekam Movie Review


Ajay Kumar aka AK (Ajith) is on a mission to save the world from insurgents who has vested business interests by creating misery in the world. He is so strong and skillful that he could take on any number single-handedly. He is supported by his good friend Aryan (Vivek Oberoi) and three other friends at workforce. Ajay faces unexpected conditions in his way to achieve his mission. What are those obstacles that come his way? How his family – carrying wife Hasini (Kajal Aggarwal) – is dragged into it? How AK vanishes the enmity and rescues people?

Alajadi Analysis:

Vivekam is one of those films that boast a lot of grandeur, rich visuals and stylish making with little substance. Director Siva relies so much on style and leaves the story. Yet, Ajith makes it a pleasant watch. His style, histrionics, his spectacular acting show as Ajay Kumar makes Vivekam a watchable film. The emotional scenes between Ajith and Kajal make the film appeal to even family audiences who expect sentiment, drama. High-octane action scenes make it more engaging. These are made with top notch technical standards.Cinematographer Vetri deserves special mention. On the whole, Vivekam is Ajith show. He shoulders the film totally with his charm.

Actors Performance:

Ajith: He is sincere and honest in the role of Ajay Kumar.

Kajal Aggarwal: She has a good role. She plays pivotal role in the film’s latter half.

Vivek Oberoi: Who plays equally important role as Ajith in the film.

Rest of the cast too did well in their limited roles. Performances of actors are pretty good that make the film intense.

Technical Team Performance:

Vivekam has brilliant production values, which are on par with Hollywood standards. Anirudh Ravichander’s songs and background score, Vetri’s picturisation, exotic locales, choreography of action and stunt, punch dialogues and Ruben’s editing are the attractions on the technical front. Ajith’s bulky frame left the audiences in wonder and we are hoping to see something really amazing on the screen. The promos of ‘Vivekam‘ had made us crave for more. It’s Ajith’s mania written all over in the ambience when his movie is about to hit the theatres.

Plus Points:

  • Ajith & Kajal Performance
  • Stylish Making
  • Cinematography
  • Background Music

Minus points:

  • Lack of story
  • Second Half

Alajadi Rating: 3.0/5.0