15 Uses for Toothpaste That Don’t Involve Your Teeth


Sure it whitens, brightens and prevents cavities, but there are more uses for toothpaste than you’d believe possible. We’ve compiled tubes and tubes worth of ideas to amaze and amuse you! Better yet, you’ll even find many of them useful. You may get a doubt when you are asked about the applications of toothpaste. The only use of toothpaste that got into your mind is the cleaning of teeth. You are mistaken when you think like that. There are many other uses of toothpaste. It solves many problems you are facing in your day to day life.

15 Unique Uses of Toothpaste

Let us see in how many ways it is helpful for us:

1. Cleaning of Shoes

Are you in a confusion to use which kind of detergent for cleaning shoes? Then Tooth paste helps you a lot. Simply apply toothpaste on shoes and clean it with old toothbrush. You can easily observe the change.

2. Removing tough stains on clothes and carpets

Apply toothpaste directly around the stain and rub briskly until the spot disappears, then wash with normal water.

3. Make silver jewelry and other silver pieces sparkle

Apply toothpaste on jewelry and rub with tooth brush having soft bristles

4. Cleaning of Stainless steel taps.

For sparkling of stainless taps, apply layer of toothpaste over entire area and rub it with a brush having soft bristles

5. Defog goggles

The problem faced by the swimmers is the formation of fog on the goggles. Simply clean it with toothpaste to defog.

6. Remove the burned crust on ironed clothes

Developing of burned crust after ironing of clothes is the major problem faced by the people. Here is the remedy for it. Toothpaste which consists of silica can be used as the grinding agent.

7. Used as Cream applied when skin burns,rashes,tags etc

Apply toothpaste over the required area.

8. Deodorizing baby milk bottles

when milk bottles smell like sour milk. Then apply toothpaste on it and leave for some time. Later wash it normally.

9. Removing scratches on Dvds, CDs and mobile phone screens.

Don’t worry about the scratches on your mobile phone screen. Simply remove it by applying toothpaste and gently rubbing over the scratch area.

10. Removing Crayon stains on painted walls

Apply toothpaste over stains and rub gently with abrasive brush

11. Polishing diamond ring

Apply toothpaste and wipe off with soft cloth

12. Deodourise stinky smell from hands

Stinky smell of your hands when you ate garlic,fish etc can be eliminated by rubbing with toothpaste and rinsing with water.

13. Sparkling of your nails

Apply toothpaste over nails and rub it with cloth for removal of stains on nails.

14. Removing pimples from your face.

No need of any cosmetics to remove pimples. Simply apply toothpaste on the pimple during night and wash it with water in the morning.

15. Cleaning of mirrors, photo frames, electric bulbs and head light bulbs.